dinsdag 20 april 2010


Sorry I didn't post for 2 days. I was so bussy with school. I hate it. This weekend was really nice. The weather was beatifull. But today it was actuelly very cold. The wind was freezing.In the weekend I was bored, so I looked some pictures on my computer. I find some pictures that I tooked last year in summer. That was very nice. I show them to you. I hope you like!

zaterdag 17 april 2010

My special room

I made a deal with my dad, that if I clean up my room for a long period, I can chance my room ! I hope I can do that really soon. Now, I have a really boring room. But if
I can change it, I would do it very vintage, with pictures and paining on the wall. I also want a special blenket, like the birds, on the pictures.

I just have one problem. I don't know wich colour I have to take.. Now, I have light blue. Maybe I just have to paint it white, broken white or something..
Do you've got an idea ? Tekst me, please

vrijdag 16 april 2010


I really like streetstyle. It's not too much, you know. These 2 styles are totally different: One is very sweet, and the other is more casuel and chic. I don't know wich one I like more. But I love it both ! The first is very nice, because it all match with each other. ( see the bracelet and the shirt ) T

Picture time

I really love to photograph, but I´m not a proffesional or something. I don´t even have a professional camera, but it doesn´t matter. The first one is not special at all, it´s just my converse shoe. The second was very hard to take, because the ladybird walks away every time. I hope you still like the pictures.